Bicycle tour around mount Kilimanjaro
 Bicycle tour around mount Kilimanjaro is aimed to offer you unforgettable experience, bring you more close to nature, walk/trek the magnificent African savanna , cycle the unspoiled countryside. For the adventurers who want to cover ground than on the vehicles, this is a fantastic exhilarating way of seeing an already breathtaking landscape, cultures, flora and fauna.

 Bicycle tour around mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru (highest mountain in Africa) is bicycle tour packages design to give you the chance to explore this unique part of the world. It is also design to suit sustainable and eco-tourism which will help you to reduce your footprint and direct contribute to the development of local communities.

 Bicycle tour around mount Kilimanjaro you through stunning landscapes the opportunity to see game and birds life from ground level, smell the scents on the air and leave your footprint on the dust


Climb the Three East Africa Summits Mt. Kenya, Mt. Rwenzori & Mt. Kilimanjaro 
Stunning landscapes , mountains, colorful tribal culture and so much more are packs of country of it size; Kenya. People are representing a wide cross section of everything that is contemporary Africa, and everyday life brings together tradition tribes and urban families; ancient customs and modern sensibilities. Swamping the latest political gossips with the switched on locals is just one more small pleasure that comes with the culture.

It is here the 5199m, Mt. Kenya , African’s second highest mountain lies. It is easy to understand why Kikuyu and perhaps Maasai people define it and still believe it’s the seat of their supreme god Ngai. However, its only Point Lenana (4985m) the third highest peak can be reached without the need of technical climbing, and Its usual goal for most mortals, offering a fantastic expense and superb view over the surrounding country.

“The Pearl of Africa” as it has be…


Please visit EL Mundo Safaris for more details about Tour de Tanzania In the less than five degrees south of equator lie Tanzania, twice size of California, 945,087 square kilometre (364,898squre miles), the largest in East Africa.

An East African leviathan girdled splendour Tanzania warms its eastern boundaries in the pencilled water of the Indian Ocean. Off its white sand beaches and mangrove swamps lie the balmy islands of Pemba, Mafia and Unguja ; the Zanzibar archipelagos.

The country is largely bounded by natural frontiers Lake Tanganyika, the continent’s deepest lake, to the west; Lake Malawi/Nyasa in the south west; the Ruvuma River forms the border with Mozambique; Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake, the size of Scotland, borders the north; and volcanic mountains Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Lengai in the north east separate-e Tanzania from Kenya.

This large land is dotted with permanent and seasonal lakes and rivers, including the Great Ruaha , the Rufiji, the M…

Cycling to and from Serengenti National Park, walk/trek across Ngorongoro highlands.

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This is a package tour designed and developed by expertise on the basic fundamental of eco-tourism which will help you to reduce your footprint and direct contribute to the growth of local communities. This unique tour is aimed to in reach you with an usually and unforgettable safari experience, bring you more close to the real nature and let you feel your body and soul at the same time, Make you feel the sun on you back/front, the wind in your hair and leave the dust behind on this most enjoyable ride which takes you past game and through authentic village life. Wheeling and walk/trek the magnificent Rift Valley, the cycle ride offers a magic alternative to a game drive and cyclists will love the exhalation of riding through the un spoiled African countryside. For the adventurers who want to cover ground than on the vehicles, this is a fantastic exhilarating way of seeing an already breathtaking landscape, cultu…

Cyling Around Kilimanjaro&Meru

Bicycle Tour Packages 

It is popular to hear about climbing Kilimanjaro but hear Afrika Safaris brought you two options to explore this unique feature in the world. Mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru are volcanic mountains formed in the time of Great Rift Valley formation. These two peak share lot in common with the distance of less the 100kms. They situated in the edge of eastern branch of Great Rift Valley which started from Jordan and branched in north Kenya. One branch went through Uganda, western branch, rejoined later in southern Tanzania and disappears to Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Both Kili and Meru especial Kili, consist almost every vegetation type found in the earth.

The bicycle tour designed to offer full geographical exploration, its ecology and how in general influence and affect the indigenous people life. From when used to worship it as almighty up to days culture. Why did they stop believing was almighty? Do they changed the surrounding environment? If yes or no why? Th…

Affordable Bitten-Track Safaris

The affordable bitten-track Safaris in Tanzania. Visit unspoiled areas.

*Five days cycling expedition in Maasai steppe.

* Traditional wildlife viewing in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Manyara and Tarangire with time spent in adjacent wilderness areas of Maasailand (for first time visitors).

* A visit to a small ancient group of hunter gatherers, the Hadza, in the Yaida Valley.

* Four or five day treks in the Serengeti ecosystem.

* The ultimate wilderness trek- 7 days along the Mzombe River in South Tanzania with options for Ruaha and Udzungwa Mountains National Park.

* Day trip with inflatable boats on the Pangani River ending at a private beach camp on the Indian Ocean.

* Escapes into hidden nooks on the south Maasai steppe.


4 Day safari prices
4 Day safari prices US$ Rates:Group size - Rate per person1 Pax2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 PaxSSR*Luxury lodges - Option 1
Lodges used: Lake Manyara Serena lodge, Serengeti Serena Lodge and Ngorongoro Serena lodge
01 Jan - 28 Feb2 6031 8131 6031 4991 4371 39416401 Mar - 31 Mar2 2431 4821 2721 1681 1051 06313501 Apr - 25 May1 9331 3071 097993930888026 May - 31 Oct2 6031 8131 6031 4991 4371 39416401 Nov - 21 Dec2 2431 4821 2721 1681 1051 06313521 Dec - 31 Dec2 6031 8131 6031 4991 4371 394164Semi luxury lodges - Option 2
Lodges used: Kirurumu Manyara Lodge, Serengeti Sopa lodge and Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
01 Jan - 28 Feb2 2971 5191 3101 2071 1441 10315501 Mar - 31 Mar2 1821 4201 2121 1081 0451 00413901 Apr - 25 May1 8501 2281 019915853812026 May - 31 Oct2 2971 5191 3101 2071 1441 10315501 Nov - 21 Dec2 1821 4201 2121 1081 0451 00413921 Dec - 31 Dec2 2971 5191 3101 2071 1441 103155Tented Camps & Lodges - Option 3
Lodges used: Migunga Forest Camp, Serengeti Kati Kati Camp and Ngo…