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Ngorongoro Wildlife Safari Package

Tanzania- Ngorongoro Wildlife Safari PackageNgorongoro Wildlife Safari Package
Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
Welcome to the one of the natural wonder of the world. It is an area so special that has been declared an International
Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, because of its wildlife culture treasure, we Zion Tanzania offer you the chance to
Explore this beautiful and historic land. We are sure it will be the high point of your visit to Tanzania.
The ngorongoro Conservation Area was established to protect this unique blend of scenery, wildlife, human culture
and prehistory. NCA is not a national park but multiple us conservative area, managing this diverse interest is a major

Within the Ngorongoro 8,292 square kilometers you can see;
NGORONORO CRATER: This great volcano caldera is world famous for its abundant Wildlife, including some of the
remain Tanzania black’s rhinoceros.

NGORONGORO HIGHLANDS: The peaks and craters or seven extinct volcanoes crater an inspiring, challenging