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Climb the Three East Africa Summits Mt. Kenya, Mt. Rwenzori & Mt. Kilimanjaro 
Stunning landscapes , mountains, colorful tribal culture and so much more are packs of country of it size; Kenya. People are representing a wide cross section of everything that is contemporary Africa, and everyday life brings together tradition tribes and urban families; ancient customs and modern sensibilities. Swamping the latest political gossips with the switched on locals is just one more small pleasure that comes with the culture.

It is here the 5199m, Mt. Kenya , African’s second highest mountain lies. It is easy to understand why Kikuyu and perhaps Maasai people define it and still believe it’s the seat of their supreme god Ngai. However, its only Point Lenana (4985m) the third highest peak can be reached without the need of technical climbing, and Its usual goal for most mortals, offering a fantastic expense and superb view over the surrounding country.

“The Pearl of Africa” as it has be…


Please visit EL Mundo Safaris for more details about Tour de Tanzania In the less than five degrees south of equator lie Tanzania, twice size of California, 945,087 square kilometre (364,898squre miles), the largest in East Africa.

An East African leviathan girdled splendour Tanzania warms its eastern boundaries in the pencilled water of the Indian Ocean. Off its white sand beaches and mangrove swamps lie the balmy islands of Pemba, Mafia and Unguja ; the Zanzibar archipelagos.

The country is largely bounded by natural frontiers Lake Tanganyika, the continent’s deepest lake, to the west; Lake Malawi/Nyasa in the south west; the Ruvuma River forms the border with Mozambique; Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake, the size of Scotland, borders the north; and volcanic mountains Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Lengai in the north east separate-e Tanzania from Kenya.

This large land is dotted with permanent and seasonal lakes and rivers, including the Great Ruaha , the Rufiji, the M…