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Cyling Around Kilimanjaro&Meru

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It is popular to hear about climbing Kilimanjaro but hear Afrika Safaris brought you two options to explore this unique feature in the world. Mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru are volcanic mountains formed in the time of Great Rift Valley formation. These two peak share lot in common with the distance of less the 100kms. They situated in the edge of eastern branch of Great Rift Valley which started from Jordan and branched in north Kenya. One branch went through Uganda, western branch, rejoined later in southern Tanzania and disappears to Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Both Kili and Meru especial Kili, consist almost every vegetation type found in the earth.

The bicycle tour designed to offer full geographical exploration, its ecology and how in general influence and affect the indigenous people life. From when used to worship it as almighty up to days culture. Why did they stop believing was almighty? Do they changed the surrounding environment? If yes or no why? Th…