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Cycling to and from Serengenti National Park, walk/trek across Ngorongoro highlands.

More details about Cycling, Hiking & Wildlife Safari in Tanzania
This is a package tour designed and developed by expertise on the basic fundamental of eco-tourism which will help you to reduce your footprint and direct contribute to the growth of local communities. This unique tour is aimed to in reach you with an usually and unforgettable safari experience, bring you more close to the real nature and let you feel your body and soul at the same time, Make you feel the sun on you back/front, the wind in your hair and leave the dust behind on this most enjoyable ride which takes you past game and through authentic village life. Wheeling and walk/trek the magnificent Rift Valley, the cycle ride offers a magic alternative to a game drive and cyclists will love the exhalation of riding through the un spoiled African countryside. For the adventurers who want to cover ground than on the vehicles, this is a fantastic exhilarating way of seeing an already breathtaking landscape, cultu…