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It is popular to hear about climbing Kilimanjaro but hear Afrika Safaris brought you two options to explore this unique feature in the world. Mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru are volcanic mountains formed in the time of Great Rift Valley formation. These two peak share lot in common with the distance of less the 100kms. They situated in the edge of eastern branch of Great Rift Valley which started from Jordan and branched in north Kenya. One branch went through Uganda, western branch, rejoined later in southern Tanzania and disappears to Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Both Kili and Meru especial Kili, consist almost every vegetation type found in the earth.

The bicycle tour designed to offer full geographical exploration, its ecology and how in general influence and affect the indigenous people life. From when used to worship it as almighty up to days culture. Why did they stop believing was almighty? Do they changed the surrounding environment? If yes or no why? These and so many others questions await for you. This close exploration it is also part of personal challenge. Climbing these mountain it another idea and dream for most of the people.

1st Day Arusha – Himo 112km
Leave Arusha cycling towards East, gentle descend from Arusha town which situated about 1400m. Clear view of Mt. Meru (4659m) and it foothills from the plains. Stop at boma ng’ombe after 2hrs of cycling for cold drinks and snacks. Kept on cycling starting climbing Kili foothills then descend to Moshi town for lunch. Then cycle for 30kms to Himo town for dinner and overnight.
Cycling Around Mt.Kilimamnjaro and Meru and climbing.

2nd Day: Himo-Marangu-Lake Chala 70km.
After break fast, start the day cycling by gentle with some straight up hills for 12kms to Marangu village very foothill of Kili about 1500m. Park you bike and embark to the nature walk to Kinanka mori falls, 12m water fall. Later come down to the village for a cup of natural coffee. Keep on cycling in the belt of banana and coffee fields in Kili foothills. The chance to visit village market dominated with bananas, visit last existing black smiths and remain caves which used in the 19th century tribal wars. Later descend to Lake Chala about 1000m. The small deep lake situated in the shrinking mountain surrounded by acacia shrub land idea for bird identification. The lake is situated partly in Tanzania and partly in Kenya without any physical boundary ,magnificent view of Kili. Dinner and overnight at the lake side.

3rd Day Lake Chala-Tarakea-Rongai 55km
After breakfast, cycling from the plains then cycling up hills to Rombo Mashatiabout 1600m. Stop here for cold drinks and snacks keep on cycling in the foothills through the chains of villages. Stop at Tarakea(1700m) the border town between Tanzania and Kenya. After lunch here, cycling by going up hills along side non physical boundary of Kenya and Tanzania through planted forest of Rongai on the paved/tarmac road, Overnight at Rongai 2000m in the planted forest close to Mawenzi peak.

4th Day Rongai- Engarenairobi 50km

After break fast, start cycling by going up for about 7km cycled towards Mawenzi peak, then along side saddle (the area between Mawenzi peak (5146M) to Kibo peak(5895M). Close view of twice Kili peak and its snow. Then descend slowly and turn to other side of the mountain. Possible to see wild animals such elephans, zebra, giraffe,etc. Lunch on half way. Dinner and overnight at Engarenairobi village 1500m.

5th Day Engarenairobi-Arusha 100km
After break fast, start cycling in the west Kili savannah plains passed through maasai villages. Possible to see wild animals. Cycle up his to Mt. Meru foothills stop at Ngarinanyuki village for cold drinks and snacks. Keep on cycling on the foothills up to Mkuru village for lunch. Then keep on cycling up hills passed maasai village, Oldonyo Sambu. Stop here for cold drink then keep on cycle up hill before starting descend to Arusha town. Last day 100kms.

This tour is possible to be done together with mountain climbing through Marangu route or Rongai route for 5-6days.

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